Helpful Resources

for Business Owners

Selling a business takes a different set of skills and resources than building a business.

To help business owners understand the nuts and bolts of the sales process, we’ve provided links to helpful information and related professional experts.

Clean up Your Books with a CPA

Jennifer Tobey, CPA Tobey Financial, LLC

512-501-5450 Ext 1

Brian Gage, CPA Gage and Company

(325) 670-0888 ext 103

Get tax advice

David French David French CPA, LLC

(512) 829-8002

Angela Washburn Angela Washburn, CPA, LLC


Hire a lawyer

Lisa Thorsen Thorsen Legal, LP

(619) 403-6523

Jim Howicz Richards Rodriguez & Skeith, LLP

(512) 940-6016

a professional taking notes from a virtual meeting

Estate Planning Advice

Michelle Rosenblatt Jackson Walker, LP

(512) 236-2321

Chad Harlow The Harlow Law Firm

(512) 769-3742