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Unleash Your Business Leadership Potential with Tsetserra’s General Vice President Program 

What You’ll Get

Tailored Leadership Development

Receive personalized training to prepare for top leadership roles


Play a pivotal role in transforming and growing acquired businesses

Comprehensive Support

Benefit from ongoing mentorship and resources to ensure your success


Fast-track your path to executive roles, bypassing traditional corporate ladders

Exclusive Networking

Connect with a network of influential leaders and peers in the industry

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Embark on a Journey with Tsetserra​

Join Tsetserra for a transformative experience in acquisition with dedicated mentorship and a focus on transparency to fuel your leadership advancement

Become Our Vested Partner​

Take on top executive roles where you’re more than a leader—a vested partner with shared responsibilities and rewards

Take the Helm & Drive Success

Learn directly from seasoned leaders to transition into impactful leadership roles, equipped with hands-on knowledge and experience

Acquire Insights from Experts

Leverage deep industry knowledge and a track record of transforming blue-collar Texas businesses into successful ventures

Growing Your Career with Tsetserra

Is Tsetserra’s General Vice President Program Fit For You?

Tsetserra challenges the slow, traditional career roadmap while seeking driven individuals with character and goal-achieving skills, regardless of background.

Whether from academia, business, or military, we value your entrepreneurial spirit, project management prowess, and customer-focused sales skills.

If you’re eager to succeed and leave a trail of wins, we are looking for you.

Why Do We Do This?

Tsetserra’s acquisition strategy goes beyond just buying businesses; it focuses on nurturing talent and mentoring individuals for enhanced responsibilities.

We address the challenge of leadership transitions, often marked by retiring leaders, by developing both internal and external leadership capabilities.

Our General Vice President Program is a strategic response to fill leadership gaps and expand operational potential, preparing a new generation of leaders to succeed across our diverse business portfolio.